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Our Solutions

AI Models

Kaleidoo specializes in building custom AI models that leverage the latest technologies and techniques.
Our data scientists work closely with our clients to understand their business needs and develop models that deliver actionable insights.

Cloud Migration

Kaleidoo helps companies transition to the cloud, including securing data, transferring data and setting up environments.
We work closely with our clients to ensure that their transition to the cloud is seamless and hassle-free.

BI & Analytics

Kaleidoo specializes in designing and building data warehouses in various architectures, building BI solutions that include analytics reports and dashboard portals.
Our team has extensive experience in developing BI solutions that provide actionable insights to help our clients make informed business decisions.

Data Pipeline

Kaleidoo specializes in building infrastructures and pipelines for data flow, implementing logic tailored to the business needs, optimizing the pipeline, using appropriate tools and technologies.
Our team of experts has extensive experience in developing and implementing data pipelines that enable our clients to process and transfer data efficiently and securely.

Data Collection

Kaleidoo helps clients collect data from sensors and analytics processes on collected data.
Our team of experts has extensive experience in developing IoT solutions that provide real-time insights to help our clients optimize their operations.

The Challenge
"79% of enterprise execs say that companies who don't embrace Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Big Data will lose market strength & may face extinction"
- Forbes -
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Our Clients

About Us

We connect your business data to improve insights and workflows.
Our AI technology, based on machine learning and deep learning, offers personalized solutions for complex challenges, including video analytics, NLP, speech and face recognition, anomaly detection, predictions, etc.

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Our Partners

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Why Kaleidoo?

Kaleidoo offers One Stop Shop for data & AI solutions.
On prem, On Cloud and Hybrid.

  • End-to-end solutions including requirement specification, frontend, backend, architecture, QA, DevOps, and SLA.
  • Providing solutions to variety of verticals in the market including finance, medical, military and startups.
  • Large team of data scientists, data engineers and data analysts.
  • Certifications from leading vendors.
  • ISO 90003, 90001 certified.

Kaleidoo Media

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AI & Big Data

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